My Experience: Organization Luncheons and Dinners

I go to luncheons and dinners for the organizations that I am with. I notice that when the menus are planned ahead no one ever considers that people may be vegan or vegetarian. If you are lucky, you will get to go to a restaurant that has a selection of grains, legumes, or vegetables. If you are unlucky, you will  get the small garden salad while everyone is enjoying the meal of their choice. If you live in an area where people traditionally don’t care about providing options to people who don’t eat meat, asking for a separate menu can make you feel like you are going to become ridiculed. So, rather than calling too much attention to yourself, you just eat your side-salad and wait until you get home to eat a satisfying meal.

Last night, I went to a barbeque restaurant and enjoyed chips and salsa with artichoke dip, fresh vegetables, but the rice wasn’t pleasing. I was expecting this spicy pilaf filled rice, but got a buttery rice with cut up bell-pepper. I sat and watched people eat pounds of ribs, steak, and fried chicken. I am thankful that no one stopped and had a discussion with me about why I’m not eating meat. I felt relieved.

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Since Going Vegetarian, I Urinate More Often

Since going vegetarian, I urinate more often. I don’t feel as though I am drinking more water or tea, but I find myself having a tummy until I go… The is the only odd experience I’ve had. But, I need to take into account, I am eating fruits and vegetables which contain water. My body is getting more nutrients and water. Has anyone had this happen?

My Mother Has Type 2 Diabetes and Her Doctor Claims a Vegetarian Diet is Dangerous

I am pretty frustrated because my mother has type 2 diabetes and her physician has told her that a vegetarian diet is not recommended because it may be dangerous to her health. Personally, I feel that she needs to seek another physician because I’m not seeing a major positive impact in her health with her current physician. She has gone back to eating pork and beef because she claims her physician has told her these things would not impact her health at all and any health problems she has are not related to the two.

Currently, I am gathering all of the “vegetarian” articles that I can find from medical websites with credible physicians as well as sources. Despite attempting to encourage a healthier lifestyle, I feel discouraged by the amount of excuses, and recommendations from a doctor who hasn’t produced many results for my mother.

By the way, most of the sources I found state that a vegetarian diet is a good way to manage diabetes.