The Pot Luck: How to Expose Your Co-Workers to Vegetarian or Vegan Food

If you are a vegetarian or vegan, it may be hard to decide what you will bring to a workplace potluck. Many co-workers can be critical and you don’t want to be the one left starving or eating potato chips because everything else may contain meat or dairy(if you are vegan). Not wanting people to look at your dish like it is from out of space, may discourage you to bring anything at all. But, I am here to say that it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here are some quick and easy dishes to take to a work potluck:


There is something really eye-catching about the colorful blend of vegan and vegetarian pasta. I’ve rarely seen people pass it up, unless it wasn’t overdone or looked like it got ran over.  But, your pasta will not look like it got ran over, it will look lovely and delicious. I believe in you.

If You’re Vegan:


Triple Garlic Pasta With Oven-Dried Tomatoes, Olives, and Bread Crumbs retrieved from Serious Eats

If You’re Vegetarian:

Garden Vegetable Pasta Bake retrieved from Deb’s Perfect Bite. Substitute with vegan sausage. 

Tips and Tricks:


Taquitos are an easy finger-food for co-workers and they are really tasty. These are not your average gas-station taquitos and they are much healthier.

If You’re Vegetarian:

Black Bean Taquitos retrieved from Hannaford

If You’re Vegan:

Spicy Bean and Sweet Potato Burritos retrieved from Talia’s Tomatoes

Gluten-Free Vegan and Vegetarian


Tamales are made with masa or maize, a dough made from hominy(ground corn). Many gluten-free products use corn as a substitute for wheat flour, which contains gluten. Tamales are delicious and hearty.

If You’re Vegan:

Vegan Tamales with Mushroom and Green Chile retrieved from MJ’s Kitchen

If You’re Vegetarian:

tamallg.jpg - Marian Blazes

Garden Vegetable Tamales retrieved from About Food


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