Introduction to Rastafarian “I-tal” Cooking

I’m interested in flavorful recipes that are full of nutrients and have natural favors. If anyone has ever noticed Rastafarian people, many of them are very healthy people, full of spirit and stamina. This can be attributed to their daily eating habits.  I-tal cooking focuses on local fresh food, free of meat, dairy, and eggs.

When Cooking I-tal Food:

Thoroughly Cleanse Produce

No Salt, With the Exception of Sea Salt

Salt often takes away from the natural flavor of natural food and is often processed. Sea salt is in it’s natural form.

Use Wooden Utensils or Cookware From the Earth

Despite the cookware not taking away from the food itself, using cookware made from the earth encompasses meaning of I-tal cooking.

Common Key Ingredients

The key ingredients used in I-tal cooking provide a lot of flavor and nutrients, making this style of cooking unique. Use whatever fresh vegetables you want because it is your food.


Scotch Bonnet

Sweet Potatoes




Pimento Berries- “Allspice”





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